History and Staff

Established in 1936, Highland Memorial Park offers 55 acres of carefully preserved and richly landscaped greenery. It is one of the few, if not only, cemeteries of its size where the entire park is enclosed with a fence. 

The manicured grounds are full of majestic oaks and a clear, sparkling natural pond where visitors are invited to relax and spend time with those they loved.  Additionally, given its beauty and tranquility, the park’s walking course is a popular spot for fitness walkers.

The cemetery owes a great deal of gratitude to J. Miles Hiers and his vision that funeral homes and cemeteries should not be competitors, but rather work together for the betterment of the community.  It was this vision that led Mr. Hiers to purchase the cemetery and make it part of his small family of funeral homes.  Additionally, it was his belief that cemeteries should take on a park-like setting to beckon the local community to visit the grounds often as a peaceful escape for an afternoon of reading or walking.  It is for this reason that Highland Memorial Park is rightfully proud of the many community events it continues to host each year.

Today, Mr. Hiers’ vision is still alive in the trees and pathways where tranquility and peace of mind come naturally. Take a virtual tour or join us for community events and learn the legacy of Highland Memorial Park.

Our Staff’s Dedication to Respectful Care

A funeral, or memorial service, should provide family members and loved ones with the chance to reflect, remember, and celebrate a life well-lived. At Highland Memorial Park, our goal is to create exceptional services and experiences that fulfill the wishes of your loved one. Our experienced Funeral Directors provide guidance on the crucial first steps toward healing.